‘’Dear Sladjana, thank you for all the knowledge you shared. Here is a short feedback from my part. I have practiced SIBAM model with a client who had been sexually abused as a child. After our therapy, for the first time in his life, he doesn’t have nightmares about the traumatic event. He feels fine, no flashbacks, experiencing calmness in his body. He also achieved a lot on a behavioral level – he doesn’t feel restrained, but free to live in line with his values. I am so contempt and grateful you opened another window to something so different from all I have learned so far. Working with embodiment is not only helpful, but necessary! Looking forwards learning from you in another occasion.’’

J.J. - Psychologist and psychotherapist

“Some courses are life-changing. Professionally, this course is unique in our region. It is really exceptional how the theory and practice are being integrated, how it is presented and structured, and how we as participants are being led through the entire process. After this course, I bring with me a different point of view on therapy. I became aware on how I am being present in therapy and with clients. Impression that I still hold is gentleness. Gentleness and gradualness. Body. No rush, no pushing, but core warmth and slowing down. I am grateful for the incredible various techniques and an entire experience. I think we all need this sort of
experience and knowledge. We all need more authentic relating.’’

J.M. - Psychodrama therapist

‘’Embodiment in psychotherapy course is an excellent combination of theory and practice. It provides a brilliant formulation and presentation of a theoretical base for comprehension of
concepts; hence it is applicable in practice, regardless of ones’ basic therapy modality. Participants are encouraged and trained to apply acquired techniques. I’ve been implementing
learned knowledge in my psychotherapy practice for over a year now and it proved to be highly efficient in working with clients.’’

J.M. - TA psychotherapist, psychologist

‘’The course that I have been looking forward to ‘’Trauma-path of recovery’’ started yesterday. Learning how to slowly build up sense of safety (especially on an embodied level!) and creating circumstances for stabilization as a prerequisite for trauma processing has been invaluable for me. In this way, I have
moved more towards, what is popularly called ‘’trauma-informed therapy’’ (which is very important in highly traumatized societies, such as ours).’’

A.P. - Constructivist psychotherapist

‘’One of the best experiences of education, supervision and peer supervision. A special thank you to Sladjana Djordjevic who taught me how to deal with embodied aspect od experience, trauma therapy but also for concluding internal processes for which I thought were finished. I am so grateful this course exists, knowledge that Sladjana so selflessly shares and colleagues in the group with whom I shared experiences and discovered the true meaning of a group. My long-term dream about different modality
psychotherapists sharing their knowledge, providing constructive critique with willingness to share personal vulnerabilities which is actually bravery, finally came to reality. Thank you so much for that! Year after year I love my profession more and more and I thought it can’t be more. It can! ‘’

B.O. - Psychologist and founder of ‘’Let’s talk about it’’ Project

‘’Embodiment in psychotherapy course finished 5 days ago and I am still filled with impressions. In highly structured setting, group of psychotherapists from different modalities explored how they experience their and client’s embodiment in therapy process and how it can be modulated. So many issues have been covered: from how are we embodied with different clients, how we establish eye contact, touch (or replacement for touch) proximity and what they symbolize, furthermore how we can become aware of our somatic transference and countertransference, leading towards providing alternative, corrective somatic experiences for our clients and so much more… I highly recommend it and a big thank you for
valuable experiences.’’

A.P. - Constructivist psychotherapist

‘’It is the fist day after the course ’’Embodiment in psychotherapy’’ finished. I am still full with impressions and thoughts which this course inspired, but at the same time I feel so grateful for being part of this lovely group and facilitator Sladjana Djordjevic, who introduced us to the body language in warm and supportive way.’’

Z.C. - psychotherapist