Trauma-path of recovery

‘’Trauma-path of recovery’’ is a continuous professional development course that consists of 3 one day workshops.

This CPD course is for you if you are a psychotherapist/student of a recognized psychotherapy modality and would like to improve your comprehension of working with traumatized clients.

Who can attend: psychotherapists/counselors and students of a recognized psychotherapy modalities, psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals (learning specialists, special education teachers, social workers).

Course content: Trauma is often met in psychotherapy process, whether it is shock and/or relational trauma. Trauma causes specific physiological responses which are the essence of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Therefore, it is important to know the basic principles in working with traumatized clients, so they won’t get ‘’stuck’’ or retraumatized in therapy, but to move towards greater resilience. 

Each workshop is a combination of theory, experiential and practical exercises and techniques which you can later on incorporate in your psychotherapy practice. You will also receive a written handout in each workshop.
Course is a unit, so you cannot apply for just one workshop. In case you skip one, you can attend it in one of the following courses. This course is being held twice a year.

Course structure:

Workshop 1: Neurophysiology of trauma and stabilization techniques

Within the first one day workshop, you will learn how to differentiate types of trauma experiences. Furthermore, you will learn how to track physiological signs of trauma response through autonomic nervous system table (B. Rothschild) as well as stabilization and flashback modulation techniques.

Workshop 2: Trauma processing model

Through acquiring basic principles of SIBAM model, you will learn how to re-structure a traumatic memory, enabling dissociated aspects of experience to be mentalized, so a client could move toward deeper coherence.

Workshop 3: Integration - principles of relation trauma therapy

In the last workshop, you will learn about structural dissociative model, which can be applied in working
with relational trauma and complex PTSD clients. This model may facilitate your practice with different
personality types, since it includes a re-parenting model.
Theoretical framework for the entire course lies within Body Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor
Psychotherapy and concepts formulated by Babette Rothschild, Peter Levine and Janina Fisher.

Dates for the following course:

Workshop 1:

Neurophysiology of trauma and stabilization techniques – 4 th of November 2023.

Workshop 2:

Trauma processing model – 18 th of November 2023.

Workshop 3:

Integration – principles of relation trauma therapy – 2 nd of December 2023.

Other information

Workshops are being held on Saturdays’ from 10am to 5pm.
Author and course facilitator:
Sladjana Djordjevic, MA in clinical psychology, certified Body Psychotherapist. You can read more details about the author in the following link.
How to attend workshops:

Workshops are held online (Zoom) and face to face, with a limited number of participants.


Price per workshop is 7.000rsd (60 euros for foreign payments). Total course price is 21.000rsd (180
euros for foreign payments).

Registration deadline:

Registration deadline is 25 th of October 2023. Please mention your basic psychotherapy modality while registering on the course.

For further info and registration, contact us on or fill out the form.